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Hello and welcome to the new web site for author Carol Plum Ucci. This is the place for all the news and information you need to keep in touch with Carol, learn about writing, and check for upcoming events. We are using a Word Press site so that our posts and pages reach a bigger audience since YOU are in charge of spreading the word about Carol and the work she is doing.

Carol is working on many new projects including her upcoming Skype and ooVoo tour, as well as, seminars and writer’s workshops. You can read all about them here at

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Carol Plum-Ucci

Carol Plum-Ucci with homeschooling students at a book store signing and giveaway.

Carol Plum-Ucci with homeschooling students at a book store signing and giveaway.

Carol Plum-Ucci, Author & Speaker

Carol Plum-Ucci’s seven Harcourt novels have drawn many awards and honors.  Her first publication, The Body of Christopher Creed, earned her a Michael L. Printz Honor Book Award in 2002, and she was named a finalist in the Edgar Allan Poe Awards.  The sequel, Following Christopher Creed, continues the perils of Steepleton from where 16-year-old Creed disappeared and has never resurfaced.

Plum-Ucci’s second novel, What Happened to Lani Garver, was a Printz nominee, and the book was named Amazon Editor’s #1 Choice in Teen Lit.

By late 2008, Plum-Ucci had received seven citations from YALSA, the young adult division of the American Library Association for three of her four releases.  Two novels have been named to Best Books for Young Adults, and she’s also had two nominations.  She was again an Edgar Allan Poe nominee for The Night My Sister Went Missing.

Her releases Streams of Babel and its sequel Fire Will Fall have been named Junior Library Guild Premiere Selections.  Streams of Babel received a special write up in Kirkus Review’s Upcoming Mysteries and Thrillers.

Plum-Ucci’s fiction utterly reflects her roots as a South Jersey islander.  Raised in a funeral home on the barrier island of Brigantine, she says, “People ask me how I became a writer.  Between the wind whipping around the island and the funeral home creaking beneath me every night, I say the answer is easy.  I became a writer as a child who suffered insomnia, and whose mattress lay one story directly above our frequent overnight ‘guests.’  If you think it was scary under your bed…”

Plum-Ucci has spoken to audiences across America, including conventions of the National Association of Catholic School Librarians and the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library Association.  She has received four starred reviews in Booklist and has been highly praised by other critics.  “Plum-Ucci’s talent for blending the supernatural and scientific worlds makes her the literary heir of Madeleine L’Engle,” says the Voice of Youth Advocate (VOYA).

Plum-Ucci received her bachelor’s in communication from PurdueUniversity and her master’s in arts from Rutgers.  She has ghost written for six Miss Americas, two CEOs and others who are nameless by discretion.  Her many professional awards include a Dalton Penn Award and two Iris Awards for excellence in Miss America publications.  She was a recipient of a Kneale Award in Journalism from PurdueUniversity.

She has two daughters and lives in Southern New Jersey.


Carol Plum-Ucci would like to help you out, young writers. 

She says, “The publishing industry is challenging, yes; but if I had focused on the challenges instead of my hopes and dreams, I’d probably be in the nut house.”  With seven novels out, both in hardback and paperback, Carol knows enough ins and outs of writing for the commercial market that she’d like to lend her expertise to some of those trying to break in.  She can probably even keep your chin off the concrete, she says.

If you’re interested in sending your manuscript to Carol, you can start by corresponding with her at  Don’t attach a manuscript.  Just introduce yourself.  Here are some criteria:

Your work must be commercial, not literary.  In other words, no poetry, short stories, or I’m-the-next-James-Joyce type of prose.

You should know your market or genre.  In other words, don’t say “this children’s book is for everyone, young and old.”

You should have a finished work.  In other words, don’t ask Carol to help you finish something unless you are already one of her students.

First considerations is given to best talent–not most years journalism and surely not to education levels, though many years in the writing business is truly helpful.

 Introduce yourself at


Bring Carol to your next event with Skype or ooVoo

Bring Carol to your next event with Skype or ooVoo

Skype with Carol or Request a Classroom visit.

Contact Carol at


Study Guides are ONLINE

Hello! We finally have the study guides online for my books. They are in PDF format so – if you want to save a tree -just view them in your eReader or your web browser. I had a lot of fun answering the questions I received from students across the country that helped me to write these study guides. I hope that they help you a lot when writing about one of my books.

Just click the HOMEWORK HELP link.

And remember - NO PLAGARISM! Did you know that teachers can Google phrases out of your homework or term paper and if the exact passage comes up – word for word sometimes – then you are BUSTED! So why risk it? Don’t just cut and paste your efforts.

First, give the book a real READ. Come on! Cover to cover. Then refer to the study guides and you will have a direct line to some great info on the book you are reading. It is almost like talking to the author, without having to travel to New Jersey. And if you are STUCK - you can always use the contact form to ask questions. I am happy to hear from students who need some assistance.

But don’t expect me to do your homework for you!

Downloadable free music from Christopher Creed

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Here is downloadable free music from my latest, “Following Christopher Creed!”  One reason I’m including downloadable free music is that lots of students hate homework.  And these free downloads are homework friendly.  It’s not that they’ll exactly make you LIKE your homework.  It’s that  the free downloads are zippy (make you work faster to get it done) and they won’t distract you.


Skype and ooVoo Tour

Bring Carol to your school, college or writer’s conference using Skype and ooVoo. It has never been easier to host an author event with today’s technology. Carol presents an engaging seminar complete with a trivia contest and prizes. Click the banner below to learn more about this exciting program.

Bring Carol to your next event with Skype or ooVoo