For Christopher Creed Fans

“The careful writing will hold [the] secret under wraps until the startling conclusion.” — School Library Journal

When college reporter Mike Mavic finds out that a body’s been found in the small town of Steepleton, New Jersey—four years after Christopher Creed mysteriously disappeared—he hops a plane to get the story that will undoubtedly launch his journalistic career. But what Mike finds is a strange town suffering under a cloud of bad luck. And to the unstable sixteen-year-old Justin Creed who’s obsessed with his older brother’s memory, discovering what really happened to Chris Creed is a matter of life and death.

We hope you enjoy these videos that were created for Following Christopher Creed. You can also visit and search THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED for many student films dedicated to the character and the popular books.

The music featured below is dedicated to Christopher Creed. It was chosen because it so closely reminded Carol of how she imagined Christopher Creed’s music would sound. The music is by singer/songwriter Torey Adams. His music is available on Google Play, Amazon MP3, iTunes and eMusic.

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