Young Writers Workshops

Carol Plum-Ucci would like to help you out, young writers.

She says, “The publishing industry is challenging, yes; but if I had focused on the challenges instead of my hopes and dreams, I’d probably be in the nut house.” With seven novels out, both in hardback and paperback, Carol knows enough ins and outs of writing for the commercial market that she’d like to lend her expertise to some of those trying to break in. She can probably even keep your chin off the concrete, she says.

If you’re interested in sending your manuscript to Carol, you can start by corresponding with her at Don’t attach a manuscript. Just introduce yourself. Here are some criteria:

* Your work must be commercial, not literary. In other words, no poetry, short stories, or I’m-the-next-James-Joyce type of prose.

* You should know your market or genre. In other words, don’t say “this children’s book is for everyone, young and old.”

* You should have a finished work. In other words, don’t ask Carol to help you finish something unless you are already one of her students.

First considerations is given to best talent–not most years journalism and surely not to education levels, though many years in the writing business is truly helpful.

Introduce yourself at

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