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Hello! We finally have the study guides online for my books. They are in PDF format so – if you want to save a tree -just view them in your eReader or your web browser. I had a lot of fun answering the questions I received from students across the country that helped me to write these study guides. I hope that they help you a lot when writing about one of my books.

Just click the links below to download PDF files with easy-to-use homework guides. T

And remember – NO PLAGARISM! Did you know that teachers can Google phrases out of your homework or term paper and if the exact passage comes up – word for word sometimes – then you are BUSTED! So why risk it? Don’t just cut and paste your efforts.

First, give the book a real READ. Come on! Cover to cover. Then refer to the study guides and you will have a direct line to some great info on the book you are reading. It is almost like talking to the author, without having to travel to New Jersey. And if you are STUCK – you can always use the contact form to ask questions. I am happy to hear from students who need some assistance.

But don’t expect me to do your homework for you!

These study guides are provided by Carol Plum-Ucci to help with homework assignments and term papers. Click on the links below to connect with the study guide in a PDF format. You can print them out for future reference or read them online to save a tree. Please email plumucci@aol.com for more information!

1 – The Body of Christopher Creed
2 – Following Christopher Creed

3 – Fire Will Fall
4 – Streams of Babel

5 – What Happened to Lani Garver?
6 – The Night My Sister Went Missing
7 – The She